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Troubleshooting Browser Issues

Common signs of browser issues are webpages or parts of webpages not loading or loading incorrectly. Some websites show up incorrectly or have errors on certain browsers. An easy way to diagnose this is to try a different browser. Recommended “test” browsers: Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Steps for fixing browser issues Private Browsing Windows Load […]

Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway Access Guide

  A Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway is an encrypted proxy mechanism that is used for external network access, typically to internal Linux/Unix network resources, and can be accessed from different operating systems, either natively or by using a client. It is an alternative to the University Virtual Private Network (VPN). As a faculty, staff, or […]

Mapping a University Network Drive

Enterprise File Services (EFS) provides network drives to individuals and groups on campus. Access through a NetID and NetID Password. Documents can be saved, copied, or moved to the mapped EFS drive just like any other drive. Files are secured behind UConn’s Firewalls. P: Drive Personal (P:) Drives are available to all students, staff, and […]

Mapping a Personal (P:) Drive on Windows

Windows 10 You must be on the UCONN Network, if you are not you will have to connect to the UCONN Network using the University’s VPN Client. Click on the Windows Start Button Right Click on File Explorer Click on More Click on Map Network Drive (may take a couple of clicks) Drive: Choose P: […]

UConn Now for Crew Supervisors v 3.0

(Get a copy of this Standard Operating Procedure as a PDF) Table of Contents Introduction Access Getting Started Current State Aging Work Orders Work Order Assignments Fast Information Tables Update Work Order Data Introduction The UConn Now Crew Supervisor Dashboard is a tool that supplements the out of the box of FAMIS capabilities.   Version […]