Device Support

Troubleshooting Browser Issues

Common signs of browser issues are webpages or parts of webpages not loading or loading incorrectly. Some websites show up incorrectly or have errors on certain browsers. An easy way to diagnose this is to try a different browser. Recommended “test” browsers: Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Steps for fixing browser issues Private Browsing Windows Load […]

Using System Report

System Report lists and manages all devices, internal and external, attached or otherwise installed in a Mac computer system. Launching System Report To launch the System Report on a Mac computer select ‘About This Mac’ from the Apple menu. In the ‘About This Mac’ menu select ‘System Report’. The system report window looks like this: […]

Installing/Uninstalling Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a free software that is used for viewing/using content that was created on the Adobe Flash platform. Usually the content includes viewing multimedia and streaming video and content. Installing Flash Open up the web browser you would like to enable Flash Player in. Install the Flash Player Download from the Adobe website. […]

How to Restrict/Allow Attachments on Listserv

Listserv is an electronic mailing list that allows users to send emails to large amounts of recipients. You can request a listserv and subscribe/unsubscribe through the Listserv Website. Listserv owners must have the attachment setting enabled in order to send attachments. How to Restrict/Allow Attachments on Listserv Navigate to the Listserv Website. Login with your credentials. […]

Disable Sleep and Hibernate on Windows

Disable Sleep and Hibernate in control panel Start Control panel Hardware and Sound Change when the computer sleeps Put the computer to sleep: Never Save Changes Click on “Change advanced power settings“ Expand Sleep Expand Hibernate after Set the Minutes to 0 to turn off 11. Click “Ok” 12. Save Changes and Close Window Keywords: […]