Enterprise Applications

Using Core-CT

Core-CT is part of the employee self service portal, where employees can access and edit information regarding their finances and employment at the University of Connecticut. Using Core-CT Navigating to Core-CT and Overview Go to ess.uconn.edu   To access the Core-CT portal click the CORE-CT LOGIN at the top. Next to that is the CORE-CT HELP, JOB AIDES […]

Connecting to InCHIP Network Drives

To connect to InCHIP network drives you must be on the UCONN Network. You should connect to the UCONN Network using the University’s VPN Client if accessing the InCHIP network drives from off campus. macOSMapping the R: drive (Research)  Mapping the R: drive (Research) 1. Open Finder > Preferences 2. Ensure the “Connected Servers” checkbox […]

FAMIS – Maintenance Management – Printing Work Order Tool – Crew Supervisors

Crew supervisors are associated with GLOBAL – My Crew’s Work Orders Assigned in the last 24 hours view by default. Once you see the current schedule view with data, you can: – sort data by clicking the triangles for ascending/descending order (color changed). – can search on a column by typing in the keywords into the text […]

Publisher Training Guide – Navigation in Publisher – Report Types – Compound Report

Create a compound report 1. Make sure all the standard reports which are sub-reports of compound report work well separately. 2. Adjust the SQL query of sub-reports and filters to make all the sub-reports could share same filter. 3. Create a new report. Choose Compound Report in the Type box.Choose appropriate filter as default filter. […]

UConn Now for Crew Supervisors v 3.0

(Get a copy of this Standard Operating Procedure as a PDF) Table of Contents Introduction Access Getting Started Current State Aging Work Orders Work Order Assignments Fast Information Tables Update Work Order Data Introduction The UConn Now Crew Supervisor Dashboard is a tool that supplements the out of the box of FAMIS capabilities.   Version […]

Maintenance Management – Preventive Maintenance – Schedule Equipment PMs

  Navigate to the Schedule Equipment PM’s Form:   Select the Crew whose Equipment PM’s need to be scheduled and click the OK button: Click the Schedule Now button to generate the PM Work Orders:   Main Preventive Maintenance Page keywords: famis, fobs, preventive, maintenance

Maintenance Management – Preventive Maintenance – Define Time Based PMs

    For time based set the next PM to get started based on requirements On the Options tab of the Criteria Form select “Equipment PM Acct Group” If the work on the equipment is Actuals or Mark-up Account Details need to be completed For time based the Next PM needs to be set manually […]