Connecting to UCONN-SECURE Wireless on iOS

1. Open the Settings


2. Go to Wi-Fi settings


3. Turn Wi-Fi on by clicking the toggle switch

turn wi-fi on

4. It will search for networks and then show a list of available networks.  Select UCONN-SECURE


5. Enter your NetID and your password and click Join


6. UCONN-SECURE’s security certificate will appear.  Click Accept to continue.  It will say Not Verified but that’s alright.


7. The Accept button will disappear and it will say Joining UCONN-SECURE… at the top.  This may take a short while so be patient. It should then return you to the Wi-Fi networks screen and you will be connected to UCONN-SECURE (as shown by the Wi-Fi symbol near the AT&T name at the top)



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