Installing and Using Microsoft Office 2011 in Mac OSX

Microsoft Office is an office suite of interrelated desktop applications, servers and services for Windows OS and Mac OS. This article goes through the installation, activation, and troubleshooting procedures for Mac OS.
Note: UConn provides product keys for Microsoft Office 2011 for Macs to all students  through UConn On The Hub.


1. Navigate to

2. Select Sign In at the top right.

3. Log in with your NetID and NetID Password.

4.Once logged in, you will see a screen with Microsoft products.

on the hub


5. Select Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac and click Add To Cart.

6. At the next screen, click Check Out, on the bottom-right.

7.  At the next screen, you will be prompted to acknowledge that you must uninstall all earlier versions of Office. You can click the link for more info. Click Continue to move to the next screen.

8. You will then be prompted to sign the MS Licensing agreement. Make sure this is understood before signing and then type your username (NetID) and signature (First and Last name i.e. Jonathan Husky), before hitting I Accept at the bottom.

9. Fill out the form with last name, first name, and email address (you can use any but it is recommended that you use your address). Then click Proceed With Order.

10.Select Start Download at the top-right.The product key is shown in the main box. Copy this into a text or word document and save it for later.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.55.16 PM

11. After clicking Start Download, a screen asking you to download two files will appear. Download and run both files in the order described (SDM, then .sdx).

12. Once you run the .sdx file, a menu for downloading the office installers will appear. Select Start Download for the installer you want to download.

13. Once the download has finished, select Launch, which will start the install wizard. 

14. Double click on the Office Installer:

office installer

15. Click Continue and go through the Office Installer completely.

16. Once the installation is completed, the following window will pop-up. Select Enter your product key and use the key from On The Hub to verify your purchase.


1. Enter the Applications folder.

2. Open the Microsoft Office folder > Additional Tools > Remove Office.

3. The uninstaller will launch.

If you are experiencing issues fully uninstalling Office 2016, you may check Microsoft’s support article on troubleshooting this procedure. 

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