Connecting to UCONN-SECURE Wireless on Windows Phone


Windows 8 Phone

Windows 7 Phone


Windows 8 Phone

1. Go to home screen by pressing the middle button (the windows logo button) and then swipe the home screen left to get to the App Menu.

2. Scroll down until you reach Settings.

3. Once Settings is selected make sure you are in the System portion of settings. Within that tab, scroll down and select Wi-Fi.

4. Inside the Wi-Fi settings page, make sure that the wifi is on and then select UCONN-SECURE.

5. After selecting UCONN-SECURE, on the SIGN IN page input your NetID in the User name textbox and you NetID password in the Password textbox. Once the credentials are inputted, click the Done Button to connect.

6. If you successfully connected, you should be brought back to the WiFi page and under UCONN-SECURE it will say connected.

Windows 7 Phone

1. From the Home screen, slide to the right to Apps window

2. Scroll down and select Settings.

3. Under System, scroll down if necessary and select Wi-Fi.

4. Ensure Wi-Fi is active by moving the slider, then select UCONN-SECURE.

5. Enter NetID and password accordingly, press Done when complete.

6. Now it will indicate a successful connection to UCONN-SECURE.


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