Change the Default Save Location for Files from the C: Drive to the P: Drive

This process applies to all Windows machines, but does not apply to Skybox, as the P: drive (10GB limit) cannot be indexed. Before changing the default saving location from C: to P: drive, you first need to make the P: drive always available offline.

1.Start menu > Computer, and locate the P: drive.

2. Confirm you are connected to the network; right-click the P: drive that you want to make available offline, and then select Always available offline from the popup menu.

  always available offline

3. If there is no always available offline option from the right-click menu for the network folder/drive, you might be using a version of Windows 7 that does not support offline files.

4. Right-click on the Documents option and left-click Properties from the popup menu.

5. On the Documents Properties page click the Include a folder button, browse to the P: drive and select the drive.  Click Include folder.

 include folder

6.Back on the Documents Properties window, right-click on the newly added P: drive and select Set as default save location from the pop-up menu; click OK to save the new configuration.

 default save location

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