Setting a User Password in Ubuntu Linux


Note: all Linux systems have a “root” user account similar to the Windows Administrator. Certain system-sensitive commands can only be performed as root, regardless of a user’s privileges.

Changing an Ubuntu Password Through the Terminal:

1. From the Desktop Search, type “terminal” and select the appropriate result.

2. Ensure that the correct account name is showing.

3. Type, “sudo passwd user name” and press Enter.

4. Type the current user password.

5. Type the new user password (system will not accept a blank/empty password).

6. Retype the new password a second time. You should receive the message that the password has successfully been updated.

Changing Password Through Ubuntu Menu:

1. Click on the gear icon in the top-right of desktop and select System Settings.

2. Select User Accounts.

3. If more than one user account is present, select the account that you want to change the password for, then press Password field on the right column.

4. Enter the current user password, then type a new password. The system will not accept a blank or empty password.

5. Retype the new password a second time, then press the Change button.

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