Connecting to UCONN-SECURE Wireless on Ubuntu Linux

1. To ensure that wireless is turned on, click on the Dash Home icon.

2. Type “network” and press enter to open network window.


3. Click on “Wireless” tab.

4. Ensure the switch is set to “on” for wireless


5. Close the window to return to the desktop.

6. Click on the wireless icon (located top-right corner)

7. Select “UCONN-SECURE”.

uconn secure

8. Enter NetID and password. Ensure that the settings match those listed in the image. Settings should auto-populate.


9. Click “connect”.

10. Add a checkmark in “Don’t warn me again” box.

11. Click “Ignore” button.

don't warn me again

12. You should see a window stating, “UCONN-SECURE, Connection Established”.

connection established

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