Installing Windows Operating System

Signing In to UConn’s OnTheHub Website

1. To sign into UConn’s software download page:

2. Use your NetID Credentials (NetID and NetID Password) to log in.

3. Once logged in, you should see the screen displayed below.


Downloading Installers and Receiving Product Keys

To download an installer:

1. After logging in, select the software you wish to download and install. Click on it to proceed to the next page.

2. At the next page, shown below, choose the version of the software (if applicable) and select Add To Cart, on the right. Make sure that the software chosen is compatible with the hardware you have installed.

3. Select language and platform it will be installed on.

4. At the next screen, shown below, click Check Out on the bottom-right.


5. At the next screen, you will be prompted to acknowledge that an image of the installer must be burned to install the software. You can click the link shown there for instructions on how to do that. Click Continue to move to the next screen.

6.  At the next screen, you will be prompted to sign the MS Licensing agreement. Make sure this is understood before signing and then type your username (NetID) and signature (First and Last name i.e. John Smith), before hitting I Accept, at the bottom.

7. At the next screen, you will be asked for order information. Fill out the form with last name, first name, and email address (you can use any but it is recommended that you use your address). Then click Proceed With Order.

9. The product key is shown in the main box, as depicted below. Copy this 25 character symbol into a text or word document and save it for later.

Using onthehub, windows 11

*Note: Screenshot reflects Windows 8 OS, but steps are very similar for Windows 10 OS.

10. Once the product key is in the workflow ticket you can now start the Windows install process.

Issues with Activation or Product Keys

If a you are experiencing issues activating your software or are in need of additional product keys, contact Kivuto Support (the company that runs OnTheHub).

6:00am to 6:00pm (EST): 

  • USA/Canada (Toll Free): 1-866-396-1447
  • Local: 1-613-526-2881

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