Using and Setting Up Skype for Business

Students, student workers, and all faculty and staff who have an Office365 account should be able to log in to Skype for Business.  Skype can be accessed through the desktop application or the Office365 online portal.

Features of Skype for Business include instant messaging, audio calling, video conferencing, emailing, and scheduling meetings. Office365’s webpage gives more specific information on this application. 


All ITS-supported Windows and Mac computers should have Skype for Business installed. You may locate this application by searching for “Skype” in Window’s Orb or Mac Finder.

Please see Office365’s webpage for updated information regarding Skype for Business availability.

Students and External Users may download the regular Skype Application, which can be downloaded from

Logging In 

Students with a Student Exchange Account:

  • Log in with your student exchange email address ( / and password.

Students with a Google Apps Account:

  • Log in with your UConn email ( and NetID password.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Log in with your UConn email ( and NetID password.

Please Note: Different departments use different username formats to login to Skype for Business. Since HuskyTech only supports computers managed by ITS, we are only concerned about this sign-in address format. If the computer is not managed by ITS, the customer should contact their own IT department for questions regarding their Sign-in address format.

Using Skype 

Adding a Contact

  1. Find somebody by searching for them through the search bar at the top of the application.
  2. Right click on their name and a list of options will appear.
  3. Click Add to Contacts List to add them in your contacts.


Hover over or click on the contact picture of the person you would like to contact.  A list of features that you can choose from to contact that person will appear.

  • The Send an IM button is used to send an instant message to the contact.
  • The Call button is used to start an audio call to the contact.
  • The Video call button begins a video call with the contact.
  • The Contact card button populates that person’s contact card.  This will allow you to view information about the contact like their current time zone, email address, and availability on their calendar.
  •  The More options button will open a list of other options you have while using Skype for Business.  Additional options include Send an Email Message or Schedule a Meeting. You can also choose to Block Contact, Remove from Contacts List, or Clear Request if you no longer wish to have this person show up in the contacts list.

Using Skype in the Office 365 Portal

  1. Click the Skype icon in the upper right-hand corner of your inbox.
  2. Click address book icon to find desired contact.
  3. Type message in the bottom of the Skype column.
  4. To close the Skype column, click on its icon again in the upper right-hand corner.

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