Mapping a Personal (P:) Drive on Mac OS X

For Mac OS X (10.7 or higher)

You must be on the UCONN Network, if you are not you will have to connect to the UCONN Network using the University’s VPN Client.

  1. Click on Finder > Preferences > check the “Connected Servers” checkbox
  2. Close the Finder Preferences window
  3. On your keyboard hold down the “command” key and then press the “k” key
  4. Folder path: smb://  (insert your NetID here)
  5. Enter your folder path in the server address field and click connect
  6. Connect as a registered User and enter your NetID and NetID password
  7. If you do not want to enter your Password every time you access the P: drive be sure to check the box called “Remember this password in my keychain
  8.  The “NetID” window will pop up, close it for now
  9.  A drive called “NetID” will appear on your desktop
  10.  Hold down the control key and then click on the “NetIDdrive
  11.  Click on Make Alias
  12.  An icon call “NetID alias” will appear on your desktop
  13.  Hold down the control key and click on the “NetID alias
  14.  Click on Get Info
  15.  Click on Name & Extension
  16.  Change the name from “NetID alias” to “P
  17.  Hold down the control key and click on the “NetIDdrive
  18.  Click on eject “NetID
  19. To access your P: drive from here on, click on the “P” icon

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