Forwarding and Archiving Gmail Using Outlook

This article will detail the alternate process of forwarding and archiving the emails from the Google Apps account using Outlook. This process is used to back up emails from Google Apps to Outlook.

Enable IMAP in Gmail

1. Log in to UConn Google Apps account in Web Browser

2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and click Settings

3. Navigate to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

4. Select Enable IMAP


5. Afterward, hit save changes.

Archiving/Saving Emails


  • Open Outlook
  • Click file on the top left


  • Click Open and Export
  • Click import/export


  • Click export to file


  • Select outlook data file


  • Select the folders you wish to view. To select multiple folders, you have to make sure include subfolders is checked, and select the folder they are all inside. (In this case, I want inbox and deleted items, so I select the folder at the top)


  • Finally, select the save location and name of the backup file.



1.  Install and open Microsoft Outlook

2.  Configure the Gmail account with Outlook (Setup Google Apps on Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac)

3.  Once all emails populate outlook, select File > Export


4.  Select which items to sync by checking the boxed next to mail, contacts, calendar, etc.

Click the right arrow on the bottom right


5.  Make sure No is selected and hit the right arrow again


6.  Choose a name and place to save the file. This file is very important and should not be lost. This file is where all of the emails are archived and where you can access them from later. It should be saved somewhere it will not be lost and/or backed up if possible.


Once the emails are archived in the .olm file they can be imported to outlook in the future. In order to do this follow these steps:

1.  Open Outlook

2.  Select File > Import…


3.  Select Outlook Data File and hit the right arrow on the bottom right


4.  Select outlook for Mac Data File


5.  When prompted, locate and select the .olm file that was archived in the past

6.  Outlook should then populate the inbox with the emails that were stored in the .olm file

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