Setting Up SSH on Windows


For more information on Secure Shell, see the UITS Access Guide.

Note: In order to use SSH on Windows, you will need to download a separate software. The most common one is PuTTY, however you may use any terminal you prefer or have access to.

  1. Once you open the software, a configuration box should appear. The only thing that needs to be set is the Host Name to (photo shows PuTTY as an example)

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2. The first time setting it up on the computer a security pop-up should appear asking you if you trust this host. Select Yes or Continue (depending on the software).

3. You will then be asked to log in with your NetID credentials.

  • On PuTTY, you should wait a few moments in the terminal as the login as: will show up at the top. Enter your NetID and press enter. It will then ask you for your NetID password, in which you should type in and press enter again.
  • On other terminals, this may appear as another pop-up. It should still ask for your username first, and then password.

4. You should then be logged into the SSH server.



keywords:ssh, secure shell, windows, linux, remote