How to Restrict/Allow Attachments on Listserv

Listserv is an electronic mailing list that allows users to send emails to large amounts of recipients. You can request a listserv and subscribe/unsubscribe through the Listserv Website. Listserv owners must have the attachment setting enabled in order to send attachments.

How to Restrict/Allow Attachments on Listserv

    1. Navigate to the Listserv Website.
    2. Login with your credentials. If you do not have an account with listerv, create one through these instructions.
    3. To modify the attachment setting on the list: Click on List Management–>List Configuration–>Manual List ConfigurationListserv attachments
    4. Click on the Edit ListConfiguration Wizard
    5. Click on the Access Control tab and make sure Attachments value is set to Yes.
      1. “Yes” will allow any type of content to be sent by the list.
      2. “No” will allow no content to be attached except for plain text and HTML text.
      3. “All” will allow any inline, encoded files to be sent.

You can restrict the type of attachment that can be sent by specifying the file types under the “Allowed Types” field.

Example: A value of image,application/*msword will allow all image types and any MS Word documents.

Enabling the filter will ensure to strip messages of any attachments that are not specified in the “allowed types” field. The message will be sent through the list, and the sender will not be notified of the stripping.

Example: allowed types=image,application/*msword ; Filter=on. This will allow any image or MS Word docs will be sent through, and all other attachments stripped.


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