Using the MBAM Self-Service Portal (Bitlocker)

Starting July 2017, faculty and staff can unlock their encrypted computer using the MBAM self-service portal.

MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring) provides enterprise management capabilities for Bitlocker, Microsoft disk encryption technology that protects data against unauthorized access if a computer is lost or stolen. Faculty and staff run the installed client on their client to ensure that the drive has been properly encrypted and to monitor for unsanctioned access.

If the client detects conditions that suggest improper access (e.g., incorrect password entered or operating system files or BIOS were changed), it puts the computer into a recovery mode that requires a key to unlock. 

Please Note: The user retrieving the recovery key must be previously logged into the computer. This is how MBAM determines that the person is allowed to request the encryption key for that computer.


  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID Password. 
  3. Under the first step, enter the first 8-digits of the Recovery Key ID listed on the locked computer. 
    • Select a Reason that the computer has been locked.
  4. Press Get Key. 

Windows 7 Example Lock Screen:
windows 7 lock screen

Windows 8 Example Lock Screen:

windows 8 lock screen

5. You will receive a 48-digit code to enter into the locked computer.

6. The computer should then boot into Windows shortly.

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