Using Core-CT

Core-CT is part of the employee self service portal, where employees can access and edit information regarding their finances and employment at the University of Connecticut.

Using Core-CT

Navigating to Core-CT and Overview

  1. Go to  
  2. To access the Core-CT portal click the CORE-CT LOGIN at the top.
  3. Next to that is the CORE-CT HELP, JOB AIDES AND MORE which is used for any issues.
  4. On the bottom of the page, there is 3 main sections of links: ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS LINKSFISCAL & ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINING and RELATED LINKS.

Note: The Core-CT portal can be only accessed during Monday – Sunday (4 am to 8pm) and Non-Pay Thursday (4am to 2pm).

Core-CT Portal

  1. Click the CORE-CT LOGIN
  2. Enter in your NetID and Password
  3. This bring you to “My HR (Human Resources)” which has various resources available regarding your employment.
  4. The most frequently used resources are TIME AND LABOR and PAYROLL. Here you can find information about your paychecks and find important tax forms.
  5. Any help in using the portal can be found by clicking the CORE-CT HELP tab at the top left of the webpage.

Miscellaneous Help


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