Mac to Mac Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a feature that is available to Mac users. This feature allows the user to allow another Mac user to see what’s on their screen, move, and close files and windows as well as open apps, and even restart the other user’s computer. Faculty/Staff members of the University can use this tool to connect to their Mac Desktop and University resources from home.

How to Set Up Screen Sharing

To use Screen Sharing regularly, you must do a one time set up process with both computers.

  1. Select the Apple Menu>System Preferences on the top left corner of the Desktop.Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  2. Choose the Sharing Mac to Mac Screen Sharing  icon.
  3. Check off Screen Sharing. 
    • When Remote Management is checked off, you have to deselect it before checking off Screen Sharing.Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  4. When selecting the Mac that you need to share your screen with, choose one of the following:
    • All users: Any of the computer’s users can share the screen, unless there are users that are sharing-only users and guest users. If the Mac is connected to a network account server, anyone with an account on the server can share the screen using their network username and password.
    • Only these users: Screen sharing is limited to certain users.
  5. If Only these users was selected, click the add button Screen sharing   at the bottom of the list.
    • Select a user from Users & Groups, which includes all the users of your Mac except sharing-only and guest users.
    • Select a user from Network Users or Network Groups.
  6. There are other additional options that you can customize for screen sharing. To set some advanced settings click Computer Settings and select one of the following:
    • Anyone may request permission control screen: Prior to other computer users begin screen sharing with the computer, they can ask permission instead of having to enter a username and password.
    • VNC viewers can control screen with password: Other users can share the screen using a VNC viewer app. This app can be downloaded on an iPad or Windows PC.

How to Control the Screen of Another MAC

  1. Open a Finder window. The computer that has granted access should show up in the Shared Section.
    • If it does not show up, hover the mouse on the word Shared and then click show.Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  2.  Click All to see all computers that are available, then double click the one whose screen you want to share.Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  3. Click Share Screen.
    • If both computers are logged in with the same Apple ID the session automatically starts. If not, you will be asked to input a username and password or you can request permission.
  4. If someone else is already connected to the Mac as a remote user, a dialog will ask if you want to share the display with the other user or log in concurrently using a different username and screen.

If the computer that you want to remote into does not show up follow these steps:

  1. Open up a Finder window and select Go from the tool bar at the top of the desktop
  2. Select Connect to Server Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  3. Under Server Address: put the IP address of the Mac that you need to control in the format vnc://IPaddress Mac to Mac Screen SharingThe IP address can be found on the Mac that you are connecting to‘s Screen Sharing Preferences(the same location you enabled Screen Sharing). Note: If you are going to be using Screen Sharing often, click the + key to add the IP address to your favorites. Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  4. Select Connect. You will be prompted to validate your credentials with a username and password or by requesting permission. If you decide to request permission, it will have to be granted with the other Mac. (This is a one time process, once you have been granted or grant access once the computer will no longer need permission)
  5. Once you have been granted access, the screen sharing window will pop up. To disconnect simply close out of the window.

How to Access Screen Sharing After Set Up

  1. Open up a Finder window and click the computer you would like to access under the Shared section of the side menu or connect by selecting Go and then Connect to Server.
  2. If you have already saved the IP address to your favorites, simply click the IP address and connect. You should not be asked for any credentials if you have already been granted access before.
  3. If you have not saved the IP address to your favorites simply type the address in the format of vnc://IPaddress and connect.




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