Obtaining Blank Scantron Exam Scanning Forms

Blue bubble sheet forms should be ordered directly through Central Stores.  To place your order through Central Stores:

  1. At www.stores.uconn.edu, click on Order Online.
  2. The first time you log into Central Stores site to place an order, you will be prompted to request a Customer ID and password.
  3. Once you have your Customer ID and begin to place an order*, you will be required to enter your department’s KFS and object code.

If you experience difficulty with this process, call Central Stores at extension 6-3626.

* Order information: Form number 72810750 = Answer Sheets, 200 questions 5 responses, 500 forms per pack, cost is $51.85 per pack. These are the blue forms used for exams.  Central Stores will deliver the forms to your department if you request delivery when placing your order.

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