Receiving results from Scantron Exam Scanning Service

Unless exams are being picked up from the Help Center, they will be returned through campus mail the next business day.  Instructors will also receive an email from with a subject of Secure Mail.  The email will contain a link to the exam result files, which will be in the form of a zip file and will contain four options.

Note: Exams brought in after 3:30 P.M. may miss the next business day’s mail delivery.

  • examreport.txt: This file includes grades for each student, a summary of class performance and “Item Analysis.”
  • studentanswers.csv: A spreadsheet of all student scores and their answers to each question.  This file can be easily imported into any spreadsheet program.
  • huskyct.csv: A slimmed-down version of the above spreadsheet.  It simplifies importing exam grades into HuskyCT.
  • rawdata .txt: A raw data file used for archival purposes.

To upload your exam results to HuskyCT go to for detailed instructions.

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