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How to Request a NetID Admin Account

  Navigate to Hover over NetID Tools, and select “Request NetIDadmin account”. 3. Log in with your NetID and NetID password. 4. Fill out the request form shown below: NetID Admin Passwords must: Be as long as the system-generated password the admin user has received (12 characters) Contain all 4 character types (upper-case, lower-case, numbers, […]

Changing/Resetting NetID Password

Your NetID account information Changing NetID password 1. Navigate to 2. Click on Change Password on the right side of the page. 3. Sign in using your NetID and current password. 4. Enter your current password. Following the password complexity rules, enter your new password in the appropriate fields, and click Change Password at the bottom of the page. You will receive […]

Installing and Using Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Downloading Office for Mac requires a few different steps than downloading it for a Windows computer. A personal Microsoft account is required for Office 2016 for Mac. Do not use a UConn email for the Microsoft account. Note. Office products can only be activated once. If they have reached the activation limit, you should contact […]

How to change the display name in UConn directories

You can change how your name is displayed in the following UConn directories: UConn Phonebook Outlook Global Address List UConn AnyWare As more systems begin to show display names, this list will expand. Note: Students can change the name that displays in their UConn email via Gmail settings or by sending a request to […]

Using Anyware Desktop / SkyBox

UConn AnyWare is an application virtualization service that gives faculty, staff, and students remote access to university-licensed software. You can access software remotely through either AnyWare Apps or AnyWare Desktop. Both give you access to the same software but differ in delivery. With AnyWare Apps, you select only the applications you wish to use. With AnyWare […]

How to Find Aurora Website Admins

If a customer is looking for an Aurora website administrator/owner, we have the ability to look up the information on the following link (netid credentials required): Enter the Aurora website in the search box and you will see a list of the site admins. Do not share the above link with customers.

Outlook Features

Microsoft Outlook is an application for faculty and staff to access their email and calendars. This article contains instructions on setting up and using it’s basic features. Student workers log in with their or and password; faculty/staff log in with their and password. Using Mail: Outlook and Apple Mail serve as Desktop Clients […]

Completing and Submitting Scantron Exam Scanning Sheets

The Scantron Exam Scanning Service is available to all UConn instructors. This article covers: Students: Completing Student Answer Sheet Instructors: Completing Key Sheets Instructors: Submitting the exams to be scanned Students: Completing Student Answer Sheet In the NAME Area, enter the student’s name. In the IDENTIFICATION Number Area, enter the student’s 7-digit PeopleSoft number in columns A– […]

Library Database & EZProxy

Library database access is granted by your UConn IP address and is easily accessible on UConn’s campus. Any other location will need to use EZProxy to log in successfully. To use EZProxy, users must paste the following text in front of the URL they are trying to access: Log in with a NetID and NetID […]

Mapping a Network Drive on Linux

You must be on the UCONN Network, if you are not you will have to connect to the UCONN Network using the University’s VPN Client.  Graphical Option (Ubuntu Desktop):  Open the Nautilus graphical file browser through the Applications menu, or from a terminal window type: nautilus –browser, then press Enter.  Click the Go menu, then click Enter Location… In the Path […]