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Recovering Deleted Office 365 Emails

In Office365 Web Portal 1. Log in to your account through Outlook Web App at 2. Right-click on the Deleted Items folder and then select Recover Deleted Items. 3. In the new window that opens, select the emails you would like to recover and click Recover. 4. In the Recover Items pop up that […]

Using Email in Office 365 Web Access

Office 365 Web Portal can be accessed by UConn faculty and staff at When logging into the office 365 portal, you can only view 1 account at time. Logging In Sending a New Email Message Creating Inbox Rules for Spam Opening Another Mailbox/Shared Resource Forwarding Your University Email Account Logging In 1. Go to […]

Configuring POP-IMAP Settings for Office 365

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Setting up Office365 on Outlook 2016 for macOS

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Setting up Office 365 on Outlook 2011 for macOS

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Setting up Office 365 on Windows Phone

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Setting up Office 365 on Android Device

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Setting up Office 365 on Outlook 2016 for Windows

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Changing/Resetting Office 365 Password

Faculty and student employees can login to their Office 365 accounts using the web portal Faculty and Student Accounts You can change or reset your password using your NetID password recovery options. If  you are trying to reset your password and you do not have Password Recovery Options set up, please call the UITS Help Center […]

Setting up Office 365 on Outlook 2013 for Windows

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