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Configuring a Mass Mail Account as a Separate Profile

Requesting a mass mail account Before configuring the mass mail account, you must request an account by emailing Once you receive credentials for Mass Mailing from the e-mail team, you can use them to configure a new profile in Outlook and have it prompt you to select which profile to access: Mass Mail profile or […]

Updating Personal Information (Employees)

All employee phone number corrections should be sent to the Operations link ( For updates to other types of information, see the following: To edit your home/mailing address or email address, login to Core-CT and go to Main Menu > Core-CT HRMS > Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary Updating Home/Mailing Address On […]

Outlook Features

Microsoft Outlook is an application for faculty and staff to access their email and calendars. This article contains instructions on setting up and using it’s basic features. Student workers log in with their or and password; faculty/staff log in with their and password. Using Mail: Outlook and Apple Mail serve as Desktop Clients […]

Completing and Submitting Scantron Exam Scanning Sheets

The Scantron Exam Scanning Service is available to all UConn instructors. This article covers: Students: Completing Student Answer Sheet Instructors: Completing Key Sheets Instructors: Submitting the exams to be scanned Students: Completing Student Answer Sheet In the NAME Area, enter the student’s name. In the IDENTIFICATION Number Area, enter the student’s 7-digit PeopleSoft number in columns A– […]

Interpreting results from Scantron Exam Scanning Service

The following provides information about how to interpret the various exam reports from test scoring. Professors are commonly concerned about the accuracy and fairness of their tests. Establishing the validity of a test is a fairly complicated process, but a simple and practical criterion comes from the test scores themselves. If a test’s total score […]

Taking A Screenshot

This article provides instructions for taking a screenshot on common devices. Mac Screenshot of your entire screen Press Shift-Command (⌘)-3. Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop. Screenshot of a selected portion of your screen Press Shift-Command-4. The pointer changes to a cross-hair. Move the cross-hair to where you want to start […]