Installing Remote Desktop on Android

    You can install and set up Microsoft Remote Desktop from your Windows workstation computer to a personal android device. *Steps 1 and 2 require access to your work computer Step 1: Enable Remote Desktop on Your University Device If you already have your computer configured to receive remote desktop protocol connections: e.g., you […]

Finding the MAC Address of Common Devices

  A MAC address is considered the physical address of a device. On a network, this address is used as the unique identifier of a device and can be relevant information needed to be passed along for referrals. At UConn this is what is used to track your traffic and hold specific users accountable for […]

Finding the IP Address of an Android Device

1. Find and select your Apps menu at the bottom of the screen. 2. Select Settings. 3. Select Wi-Fi. 4. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner. 5. Click on the Advanced option. 6. The IP Address will be listed in this window. Keywords: IP, IP Address, connected, Wi-Fi, network, select, information, Apps, screen, settings

Finding the IP Addresses of Common Devices

  An IP (Internet Protocol) Address is a numerical address which allows devices on a network to find and communicate with each other. Sometimes, you might need to be able to find your IP Address in order to troubleshoot something.   Finding your IP Address is different on most devices so the instructions on how […]