Software at UConn

Software at UConn is available through two websites: software.uconn.edu – university computers  uconn.onthehub.com – personal devices Software available through software.uconn.edu Adobe Products ANSYS Antivirus Comsol ESRI Google Apps LabVIEW Mac OS Maple Mathematica MATLAB Microsoft Products Minitab Office 365 NVIVO RedHat Enterprise Linux RefWorks Respondus SAS Schrödinger SPSS AMOS Stata Symantec Ghost Windows Server Software available through […]

Using UConn Dropbox

At the University of Connecticut, there are two interfaces that can be used to share a file that may be too large to email. FileLocker uses the NetID and password login system, but allows non-NetID users to access publicly shared files. Dropbox uses the NetID and password login system and is only meant for individuals with NetIDs […]