How to Restrict/Allow Attachments on Listserv

Listserv is an electronic mailing list that allows users to send emails to large amounts of recipients. You can request a listserv and subscribe/unsubscribe through the Listserv Website. Listserv owners must have the attachment setting enabled in order to send attachments. How to Restrict/Allow Attachments on Listserv Navigate to the Listserv Website. Login with your credentials. […]

Archiving/Saving Outlook Emails on Mac

Exporting 1.  Open Microsoft Outlook 2.  Select File > Export… 3.  Select which items to sync by checking the boxed next to mail, contacts, calendar, etc. Click the right arrow on the bottom right 4.  Make sure No is selected and hit the right arrow again   5.  Choose a name and place to save the […]

Archiving/Saving Outlook Emails on Windows

1. Open Outlook 2. Click file on the top left   3. Click Open and Export 4. Click import/export   5. Click export to file   6. Select outlook data file   7. Select the folders you wish to view. To select multiple folders, you have to make sure include subfolders is checked, and select […]