Archiving/Saving Outlook Emails on Mac

Exporting 1.  Open Microsoft Outlook 2.  Select File > Export… 3.  Select which items to sync by checking the boxed next to mail, contacts, calendar, etc. Click the right arrow on the bottom right 4.  Make sure No is selected and hit the right arrow again   5.  Choose a name and place to save the […]

Importing Calendars to Google Calendar

You may import any calendar into your Google Calendar, after exporting it from another application and saving it as a .csv, .vcs or .ical file. Note: If you want all these events on an entirely new calendar, you will have to have created one separately prior to importing. 1. Open Google Calendar. 2. Next to […]

Using G Suite

  G Suite Services are available to all UConn  students, staff, and faculty. UConn G Suite Main Webpage Students have access to Core Services by default (including Gmail) Faculty and staff have to opt-in to gain access to Core Services (not including Gmail) Students, staff, and faculty all have to opt-in to gain access to […]

Using Contacts in Outlook 2011 for Mac OSX

You can add new information in Contacts as well as import and export contact lists. Access Contacts To access your Contacts, open Outlook 2011 and navigate to the Contacts tab on the bottom-left. Here you can create a new Contact or Contact Group (distribution list).         You can then enter the Contact’s Name, […]

Exporting Office 365 Calendars in Outlook

This article explains how to export one’s calendar from Outlook Calendar. After exporting a calendar, you may wish to import it into another program. Outlook 2013/2016 Export Open Outlook. Select the File tab. Select Open & Export,  then Import/Export. Select Export to a File, and click Next. Select Comma Separated Values, and then Next. Choose […]

Exporting Calendars from Apple Calendar

Export one’s calendar from Apple Calendar. After exporting a calendar, you may wish to import it into another program. 1. Open Apple Calendar. Select the calendar name you wish to export. 2.  Click File, then Export > Export. 3. Select the location of the exported calendar and click Export. Keywords: Export, File, Apple Calendar, Import, Program  

Importing Calendars to Apple Calendar

You can import a calendar on Apple Calendar, after exporting it as a .csv, .vcs or .ical file.   1. Select File > Import > Import.    2. Locate and select the calendar file that contains the events, and then click Import.   3. Choose a calendar to add the events to or select a calendar to […]