Using G Suite

  G Suite Services are available to all UConn  students, staff, and faculty. UConn G Suite Main Webpage Students have access to Core Services by default (including Gmail) Faculty and staff have to opt-in to gain access to Core Services (not including Gmail) Students, staff, and faculty all have to opt-in to gain access to […]

Using Contacts in Outlook 2011 for Mac OSX

You can add new information in Contacts as well as import and export contact lists. Access Contacts To access your Contacts, open Outlook 2011 and navigate to the Contacts tab on the bottom-left. Here you can create a new Contact or Contact Group (distribution list).         You can then enter the Contact’s Name, […]

Checking Mac OSX System Information

The “About This Mac” feature helps you determine important information about your Mac.   1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner of your desktop. 2. In the drop down menu that opens, click About This Mac. 3. Here, you can access the following information: version number and name of OSX installed […]

Using AdvApp Advising Web Application

The AdvApp Advising application is used by students for requesting or editing existing advising appointments with their advisors as well as by advisors for managing their appointments. This article explains how to make an appointment with an adviser and look up or cancel an appointment on the UCONN AdvApp.   Make an Appointment Navigate to the website. From […]