Software at UConn

Software at UConn is available through two websites: – university computers – personal devices Software available through Adobe Products ANSYS Antivirus Comsol ESRI Google Apps LabVIEW Mac OS Maple Mathematica MATLAB Microsoft Products Minitab Office 365 NVIVO RedHat Enterprise Linux RefWorks Respondus SAS Schrödinger SPSS AMOS Stata Symantec Ghost Windows Server Software available through […]

Installing and Using Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows

The details on the installation, activation, and troubleshooting procedures for the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2016.   Installing Microsoft Office 2016: 1. Navigate to 2. Enter your NetID credentials and click Login. 3. Once logged in, you should see this screen: 4.) Select Office 2016. Avoid similar selections such as Office 2013 or […]

Using and Setting Up Skype for Business

    Students, student workers, and all faculty and staff who have an Office365 account should be able to log in to Skype for Business.  Skype can be accessed through the desktop application or the Office365 online portal. Features of Skype for Business include instant messaging, audio calling, video conferencing, emailing, and scheduling meetings. Office365’s […]

Using CCleaner

CCleaner is a program designed to delete files that are temporarily stored on the computer and can be downloaded from CCleaner is accessible through both macOS and Windows. Running Cleaner 1. Select Cleaner. 2. Select Analyze. 3. Select Run Cleaner, then OK. 4. Once cleaning is complete, you should see a report and message stating “Cleaning Complete”. Keywords:  CCleaner in Windows, […]