Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway Access Guide

  A Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway is an encrypted proxy mechanism that is used for external network access, typically to internal Linux/Unix network resources, and can be accessed from different operating systems, either natively or by using a client. It is an alternative to the University Virtual Private Network (VPN). As a faculty, staff, or […]

Secure Remote Desktop Access (SRDA)

  As a faculty, staff, or student, you can access computers that you use within your local computer network remotely using the Remote Desktop technology built into computer and/or server operating systems. These instructions will guide you through accessing your Remote Desktop securely from outside of the UConn network without connecting to the UITS VPN. […]

Mapping a University Network Drive

Enterprise File Services (EFS) provides network drives to individuals and groups on campus. Access through a NetID and NetID Password. Documents can be saved, copied, or moved to the mapped EFS drive just like any other drive. Files are secured behind UConn’s Firewalls. P: Drive Personal (P:) Drives are available to all students, staff, and […]

FAMIS at UCONN – Publisher Training Guide

Introduction The University of Connecticut’s Integrated Workplace Management System is the Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS). There are several reporting strategies available to UCONN for extracting data from FAMIS. Publisher is an ad hoc SQL-based reporting tool that comes with FAMIS. It can be used to display and modify tabular reports, charts and maps […]

FAMIS – Space Management – Managing the MUD Table in FAMIS – All

  The Master University Department Table reflects the organizational structure of the University. FAMIS represents organizational structures as groups. The process for creating, inactivating and editiong FAMIS groups when the MUD table changes: Add a new entity of UCONN’s organization to FAMIS Inactivate a former entity of UCONN’s organization in FAMIS Make a change to […]

FAMIS – Maintenance Management – Preventative Maintenance

  Task Type Task Description Setup Decide What You Will Be Measuring and Define The Units of Measure and the Readings and the Specifications Setup Establish a warehouse for your parts Configuring a Warehouse Configuring Accounts on Warehouse Parts BOM for PMs Setup Define Equipment Setup Define General Preventive Maintenance Define Criteria Based PM Define […]

Software at UConn

Software at UConn is available through two websites: – university computers – personal devices Software available through Adobe Products ANSYS Antivirus Comsol ESRI Google Apps LabVIEW Mac OS Maple Mathematica MATLAB Microsoft Products Minitab Office 365 NVIVO RedHat Enterprise Linux RefWorks Respondus SAS Schrödinger SPSS AMOS Stata Symantec Ghost Windows Server Software available through […]

Using HuskyCT Learning Management System – Faculty

Getting Started with HuskyCT in 2 Quick Steps! Instructions for submitting Final Grades Instructions for uploading grades using a CSV file Instructions for exporting from a HuskyCT Grade Book to a CSV Support Contacts CETL Education Technologies 860-486-5052 Monday – Friday 9:00am-4:00pm Individual consultations are available in Rowe 422 Keywords: HuskyCT, lms, husky ct, […]

Using Outlook Applications

Using Outlook Applications Outlook is an application that allows faculty and staff to access their emails and calendars. Student workers login with their and password, faculty/staff logs in with their and password. Outlook has a variety of features to make it easier to use.   Using Mail: Spam rules allow you to set a […]