Software at UConn

Software at UConn is available through two websites: – university computers – personal devices Software available through Adobe Products ANSYS Antivirus Comsol ESRI Google Apps LabVIEW Mac OS Maple Mathematica MATLAB Microsoft Products Minitab Office 365 NVIVO RedHat Enterprise Linux RefWorks Respondus SAS Schrödinger SPSS AMOS Stata Symantec Ghost Windows Server Software available through […]

Setting up Google Calendar in Apple Mail on Mac OSX

Make sure that IMAP is enabled on your Gmail account prior to attempting this. Instructions for enabling IMAP can be found here. OSX Lion/ Mountain Lion 1. Open Apple Mail and go to File > Add Account… 2. Enter your name, email address ( and your password for G Suite. 3. An error will occur […]

Finding the IP Addresses of Common Devices

  An IP (Internet Protocol) Address is a numerical address which allows devices on a network to find and communicate with each other. Sometimes, you might need to be able to find your IP Address in order to troubleshoot something.   Finding your IP Address is different on most devices so the instructions on how […]

Enabling Firewall in Mac OSX

Configuring the Firewall in OSX 1. Navigate to the System Preferences. 2. Select Security. 3. Select  the Firewall tab. 4. Click the lock icon to make changes and type in credentials. 4. Select Turn on Firewall.   Allowing Application Connections 1. In the Firewall tab, click on the lock icon in order to make changes. 2. […]

Setting a User Password in Mac OSX

1. Click the apple logo on the upper left corner.  Then click System Preferences. 2. Click Users & Groups in the System Preferences. 3. Select the user account you want to add or change the password for.  Click on the lock to make changes, then click Change Password. If you are changing an existing password, enter the old password […]

Installing and Using Microsoft Office 2011 in Mac OSX

Microsoft Office is an office suite of interrelated desktop applications, servers and services for Windows OS and Mac OS. This article goes through the installation, activation, and troubleshooting procedures for Mac OS. Note: UConn provides product keys for Microsoft Office 2011 for Macs to all students  through UConn On The Hub. Install 1. Navigate to 2. […]