Mapping a Personal (P:) Drive on Windows

Windows 10 You must be on the UCONN Network, if you are not you will have to connect to the UCONN Network using the University’s VPN Client. Click on the Windows Start Button Right Click on File Explorer Click on More Click on Map Network Drive (may take a couple of clicks) Drive: Choose P: […]

Activating Windows Operating System

Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Common Errors   Windows 7 1. Click the Start Button in the bottom left corner. 2. Right click on Computer and select Properties from the drop down list. 3. At the bottom of the system properties window, there will be an activation status under the Windows Activation heading. If […]

Managing Updates in Windows

Getting to Windows Update Windows 7 1. Click on the Windows button (found on the keyboard with the Windows logo). 2. You should now see a search bar in the lower left corner (Windows 7). 3. Click in the search bar, and search for Control Panel 4. In the Control Panel window, click on the System and Security. 5. […]