Finding the IP Address of an iOS Device

    1. At the home screen, open the Settings menu by clicking on the icon with gears on it   2. From the settings menu, select Wifi 3. Select the blue circle with a lower case “i“, next to the wifi network you are connected to 4.  The IP Address is listed on the page Keywords: Finding IP Address […]

Finding the IP Address of a Windows Phone

Windows 8 Phone 1. Go to the home screen by pressing the windows button and going to the leftmost screen. 2. Find and select Settings. 3. Ensure you are under the System window and select Wi-Fi. 4. Select the network your device is connected to. 5. The IP address should be one of the first text boxes on that page.   […]

Connecting to UCONN-SECURE Wireless on Chromebook

Initial Setup 1. Turn on Chromebook 2. Select language and keyboard language (usually default)   3. Choose Network   4. Choose “Other Wi-Fi network…”   5. Select Advanced   6. Enter the following credentials: – SSID : UCONN-SECURE (all caps) – EAP Method : PEAP – Phase 2 Authentication : Automatic – Server Certificate : Default – […]

Connecting to UCONN-SECURE Wireless on iOS

1. Open the Settings 2. Go to Wi-Fi settings 3. Turn Wi-Fi on by clicking the toggle switch 4. It will search for networks and then show a list of available networks.  Select UCONN-SECURE 5. Enter your NetID and your password and click Join 6. UCONN-SECURE’s security certificate will appear.  Click Accept to continue.  It will say Not […]