Connecting to UCONN-SECURE on Common Devices

Connecting to UConn-Secure requires an activate NetID and password. If you are experiencing issues connecting to UConn-Secure, changing/resetting the NetID password can sometimes resolve the issue. UConn-Secure Windows Mac OSX iOS Android Windows Phone Chromebook Ubuntu Linux   UConn-Guest Windows Mac OSX Keywords: uconn secure, uconn-secure, uconn-guest, uconn guest, uconn wifi, connect to wifi, wireless, […]

Finding the MAC Address on Xbox

  Xbox 360 1. Press the home button, go all the way to the right to Settings, and select System Settings. 2. Select Network Settings. 3. From Available Networks, select Wired Network. 4. From Network Settings, select Configure Network. 5. Under the Additional Settings tab, select Advanced Settings. 6. From here, select Alternative MAC Address, and […]

Connecting to UCONN-SECURE Wireless on iOS

1. Open the Settings 2. Go to Wi-Fi settings 3. Turn Wi-Fi on by clicking the toggle switch 4. It will search for networks and then show a list of available networks.  Select UCONN-SECURE 5. Enter your NetID and your password and click Join 6. UCONN-SECURE’s security certificate will appear.  Click Accept to continue.  It will say Not […]